Thursday, June 21, 2012

Be A Good Neighbor

I've recently become fascinated with pallets. Yeah, like the kind used for shipping humongous things. I discovered a DIY project utilizing a pallet and started my search for said piece...only to remember that one of my neighbors regularly has pallets sitting on his front porch. Haven't yet worked up the courage to ask what is within those huge boxes....

While taking the kids for an impromptu drive this afternoon (Jonah is teething/fussy & Livy was bouncing off the walls!) I saw my neighbor dismantling his huge boxes/pallets. I pulled over (fashionably sporting my house clothes complete with baking smears across my Tshirt, bed head and no makeup so it's a wonder he didn't run inside to hide!) & said, "Hey. Do you recycle your pallets?" Poor man. He looked a bit sheepish as he said no. Too late I realized that I had put him on the spot- I was so stoked about seeing his pallets I was a bit dazed:) I followed with, "Can I have one? If you don't need them, I would love to take one off your hands". He seemed thrilled to oblige (made my day!) and loaded it in my car:)

Whew! So all that to say that I'm delivering some cookies as a thank you. Our meeting was such perfect timing that I felt a homemade sweet was in order, as well as a hand stamped card:)

Oatmeal Date Cookies:

I love to find ways to let others know that they're appreciated- it makes me happy:)

This week, look around to see who you can spread some appreciation to:)


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