Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dinner is Served

I love to hear my hubby say, "Wow, this looks great." or "This was really good." or even better "You shouldn't have worked so hard":) Serving dinner doesn't have to be a long, drawn out, stressful affair.

Tonight I served Spanish pork, black beans & rice, plantains and a green salad. And how long did I spend concocting this beautiful supper? Approx 30 mins! It can be done & here's how:

First I spent a few mins arranging a pork sirloin roast in my slow cooker with some canned tomatoes, spices & herbs and set to low- approx 6-8 hrs later I had fall apart, tender meat in a yummy sauce. Shortly before eating I started my rice and black beans- they finish together in 30 mins, paired to perfection like salt and pepper:)

Now here's the tough part. I opened my pack of frozen maduros and nooked for the instructed 3 1/2 mins- while these warmed I tossed some spring mix with oil & vinegar and seasonings.

Dinner is served:)

Scrumptious, nutritious & economical- I'm estimating that this meal cost less than $10 total and will feed 4-6 people compared to approx $10 per person for a Latin buffet. My kind of savings:)

Tomorrow I will share my fool proof recipe for rice:)


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