Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Borax Buster

After a much needed night of rest, I awakened today with a desire to...drink coffee? Smell the roses? No. I woke up with a great sense of urgency to clean those 'hard to reach places', cracks & crevices. Ugh. This happens on occasion & I'm learning to make peace with it:)

I've recently been experimenting with Borax as I had bought a box to make some homemade laundry detergent- I happened to see lots of wonderful claims on the box, such as scrubbing kitchen sinks and thought, "What the hey? I'll try it".

With this intention, I did allow my sink to become especially grimy in order to reveal some good before & after pics & to see just how well the Borax would perform...

*Warning- the below pics are not for the faint of heart...I'm struggling with posting them at all!

By following the instructions, I simply wet the sink and sprinkled in some Borax- I went to scrubbing with a firm bristle brush and in approx 20 secs, the drain was sparkling clean!

I then tackled the tap (first unscrew the top so you can clean within!) and with a 'handy dandy toothbrush', scrubbed away the crusties & grime- in less than a minute I had sparkly clean taps!

Ta da! And one of the best parts- no harsh fumes!

So in case you're wondering, a 76 oz box of Borax cost me $2 and some change...that makes this almost to my ears!

Have stories of your own Borax Busting solutions? Please share as we're all learning together:)

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