Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bye Bye Crayon

Some time ago Olivia got a hold of a crayon (it had to be the purple one, the most lethal!) and decided to paint the side of our lovely couch- we won't discuss which parent was supposed to be watching Olivia at that time. I say 'lovely' because I purchased this couch at the Ethan Allen moving sale right before I moved into my 1st house, a year before hubby & I got married. It was my 1st major furniture purchase (a milestone) and I'm quite in love with it so let's just say that I literally shed a tear (or two...or three...!) when I saw Olivia's art work!

This picture is of the evil crayon, AFTER I took paper towels and my 'handy dandy' iron to it- purple really is the hardest color to fix:(

Well, the crayon marks have sat on the couch for "awhile" as I simply didn't have the time/motivation to attempt getting them out with another round of irnoning, feeling it would surely be in vain...

...and then I noticed this on my bottle of Goo Gone:

Could it really be this easy? I followed the simple directions and blotted Goo Gone onto a clean, white towel and dabbed away at the crayon marks...

It almost completely made the crayon marks disappear! Sine it was still a bit 'wet' (I followed by blotting with plain water), I left it until it dried to see if I would need another session...

There is a very faint purplish shadow, if you look closely, so I'll probably go at it once more...

However, the fact that visitors are no longer met with the evil crayon marks as soon as they enter the house makes me want to dance up & down!

***Note: Goo Gone is definitely NOT all natural so don't do this with kids nearby. I was so relieved to have the crayon marks disappearing that I didn't mind (too much) using 'chemicals' this once...however, I'm now searching for a safe and natural alternative. Any ideas???

End of the story: Olivia may never learn how to distinguish purple from the other colors (the crayon has been confiscated) but my couch is safer:)


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