Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's Hot in Here!

One of the recent projects accomplished at our casa was getting a ceiling fan hung in Livy's bedroom- it seems to be the hottest room in the house making bedtime even more challenging when outside temps are reading 106 degrees...our aim is to make bedtime for Olivia as seamless as possible, hence the dire need for a fan:)

I was at Lowe's at 9am on one of those 106 degree days wandering around, not exactly knowing what I needed to accomplish my long 'to do' list, let alone where to find it...when all the sudden I saw ceiling fans and thought, "Done". Jonah was effectively yanking large clumps of hair from Olivia's head with her screaming as I quickly saw a white fan that seemed appropriate so I made a hurried call to my very own 'handy dandy', dear Dad to ensure the size was right (36 inch, 44 inch, 52 inch, whatever). My wonderful Dad said, "That will work and I'm headed over to your place in a few so I'll put it up for you." Music to my ears, unlike the crying I was actually hearing.
I hustled the kids home and here you can see that keeping them from helping Granddaddy was more of a challenge than getting the fan installed:)

It is though and working like a charm- kicking myself that we didn't so this sooner! Really wanting to mod podge the blades now...what do you think???

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