Monday, July 16, 2012

Canning it...

So in my research about food safe materials for future projects, I've stumbled into a maze of debates as well as lots of eye opening info- it's a bit overwhelming.

I contacted a manufacturer with some specific questions concerning one of their products and they sent me a lovely email response with lots of info, far exceeding my expectations. In this response they added a link with extensive info concerning BPA leakage through canned goods- scary. With all the hype about "BPA free" in baby bottles, teethers etc... has anyone considered other sources of BPA? I hadn't. I highly recommend taking a look at the info here- it's worth a look.

New dilemma: do we now abort most/all canned goods? We don't use a lot of canned goods but we do use some (seen above)- how else do you make spaghetti sauce??? The other concern is that jars sealed with metal lids more than likely have BPA in the lid lining so they're not even totally BPA free and that goes for much plastic packaging as well.

I've considered home canning but way off in the future as it didn't meet my top 10, er...20 list at present. It's now appearing that home canning is a real priority. And I'm blessed to know several people who have knowledge/successful experience in this area!

In my efforts to remain open in changing how we do things at the "Ricardo's apartment", I'm continually being challenged but excited to learn new skills and offer my crew the very best I can supply:)

Are you interested in home canning and live in the SA area? Let me know- I'm setting out to organize some 'handy dandy' home canning classes!

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