Monday, July 9, 2012

Lucy Changes Her Mind

One of my all time favorite episodes of 'I Love Lucy' is 'Lucy Changes Her Mind'- there are a ton of hilarious one liners that still induce a belly laugh, even after viewing this episode hundreds of times:)
In our familia, we have our very own 'Lucy' that changes, his, mind. That's right- hubby is a 'fly by the seat of his pants' kind of a guy and whenever I watch Lucy changing her mind a dozen times in as many minutes, I think, "Looks familiar":)

I like plans, schedules, routines and I like when they run smoothly (which they always should if 'Lucy' cooperates!) whereas hubby aka 'Lucy' prefers...uhhhh...let's just call it, spontaneity:) In my current world of 2 young charges that require constant supervision, spontaneity spells disaster, most of the time.

Recently the whole crew was loaded in the car to enjoy some of that spontaneity + food at hubby's request- I felt extremely proud of myself for launching out, minus my usual 'to do' list and anticipated a lovely outing. That came to a grinding halt after the 2nd eatery of choice was found to be closed- I felt like quoting Fred's famous line: "Stand by for another troop movement" as hubby aka 'Lucy' opted to change courses, again.

After feathers being ruffled and then a subsequent smoothing out session (a very diplomatic version of the actual events!), I reiterated to hubby the need for plans, much like Ricky did with Lucy and we made our way to Costco:)

End of the story: my 'to do' list was shortened, tummies were filled with "rare, thick & juicy" hot dogs and hubby graciously agreed to plan ahead next time:) Just another crazy day at the 'Ricardos':)

Thanks for laughing with us:)


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