Saturday, July 28, 2012

"Hair, Sun Tan, Cod Liver or Castor?"

While Lucy & Ethel get excited about oil wells, I've been discovering the goodness of olive oil. Earlier this year I decided to not replenish our toiletries/cleaning supplies etc... with store bought solutions but rather make my own all natural alternatives- so far so good.

I reached the end of my Clinique eye make-up remover last week and started using extra virgin olive oil instead, based on a great post by 'Crunchy Betty' about natural facial cleansing. Evidently any nourishing, cold pressed oil will do for your eyes such as apricot, avocado, extra virgin olive oil, sweet almond etc...; I just happened to have a ton of olive oil, hence my choice.

And after browsing a fabulous post (also by 'Crunchy Betty') on how to pick pure extra virgin olive oil (a must if you're using it in facial cleansing), I picked up some at Costco, based on the recommendation- I love when other conscientious bloggers save me the time/trouble of doing mounds of research and yet supply me with the pertinent info needed:)

Application Tip: I simply sweep a dab over my eyelashes (downward motion) with a cotton ball, Q-Tip or my handy dandy finger and wipe away. My eyes have never felt better & it's so easy:)

Ready to try this? "Unless I miss my guess...", you're going to be awfully glad you did:)


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